CD ‘Give me the roses’

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compactdisc This CD is dedicated to Grietje Wikke Nicolai in memory, for Tijs & Ilse van Bergenhenegouwen, our wonderful and loving grandchildren



Circles (Harry Chapin)
Will You Miss Me (A.P. Carter)
Give Me The Roses While I Live (A.P./Sarah/Maybelle Carter)
G & G’s Wedding Dance (Marian Nesse)
Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight (David McEnery)
That’s What Makes You Strong (Jesse Winchester)
Bottle Of Wine (Tom Paxton)
Freedom Train (anon./Bernice Johnson Reagon)
Lorena (H.D.L. Webster/J.P. Webster)
10 The Bramble & The Rose (Barbara Keith)
11 Grietje’s Waltz (Marian Nesse)
12 Tenting Tonight (Walter C. Kitteridge)
13 The Winding Stream (A.P./Sarah/Maybelle Carter)
14 Far Side Bank Of Jordan (Terry Smith)
15 Hard Times (Stephen Foster)


16 Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life (A.P. Carter)


Compilation ‘Songs Of The American Civil War’
Tenting Tonight
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
4 Oh, Susanna
The Winding Stream


FGM Produkties Ciconia Producties CCD/DVD 006 (December  8  2013) ℗ © 2013

Recorded by Fokke Miedema, FGM Produkties
CD mixed by Fokke Miedema, Alco Hoogcarspel, Lieuwe Koster
Mastered and edited by Studio Wijnbergen, Harlingen
DVD Lieuwe Koster, Durk Dijkstra
Produced by Gerard Nijborg
Artwork by Steffen van Bergenhenegouwen